Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH


~ Where science meets possibility ~


holding_the_KeyQuantum Energy Healer, Frequency Master, Naturopathic Doctor and Remote Viewer….are all words you can use to describe me….

Internationally known Frequency Master, Conscious Creation Expert and Naturopathic Energy Healer, Dr. Kimberly McGeorge invites you to go BEYOND FREQUENCY. Dr. Kimberly has been heard numerous times on the YouWealth Revolution with Darius, The Shelia Show, The Aware Show with Lisa Garr and on many other radio shows and international telesummits.

Dr. Kimberly combines “science with possibility” and has been experimenting with frequencies in products and with her clients for the last decade and a half.  After consulting with an esteemed neurosurgeon, Dr. Kimberly became convinced that the frequencies she had been using could be applied to all areas of her client’s lives.

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, N.D., C.N.H. has over 24 years of clinical experience in both the alternative health and energy healing field. She has worked on thousands of clients in person and remotely around the world. A popular teacher and lecturer, Dr. Kimberly does very limited private consultations every year. She has worked with popular paranormal groups as their consultant regarding varies energies in people and property. A talented remote viewer, Dr. Kimberly is commonly consulted for many different issues in her client’s lives. With thousands of testimonials on file, Dr. Kimberly gives the glory for her healing and intuitive abilities to God.

Dr. Kimberly has overcome relationship, health and financial challenges as a single mother of 4 young girls. She sought healing and hope, often exhausting all resources with no results. She then decided to find real world answers for health, relationship and financial concerns of her clients. Often called a “healer’s healer”, she has a client list of some of the world’s most talented healers. She is able to remove blocks and rebalance energy for them and for you in ANY area of your life.

Six years ago, Dr. Kimberly introduced her life’s work on tele summits and radio. She shared her healing methods and the use of frequency that are now being replicated (or attempted to be replicated) by many other healers. Her current program FrequencyMaster ™ teaches you how to master frequencies in your own life and trains other healers to use her own unique and successful methods.

Feedback is coming in from Dr. Kimberly’s latest ground breaking program, 21 Day FrequencyMaster!

Just a FEW of her satisfied clients:

Listen as Leila L. describes
her recent transformation:

Leila Lemghalef

Leila L.


“My adult daughter was wasting away and scheduled for exploratory surgery the next week. I drove her from Atlanta, GA to Ohio because I knew there was only one healer that could figure out what was wrong and halt the disease process. Dr. Kimberly during the course of two days was able to figure out and rebalance what the doctors at major medical hospitals could not discern. She is now perfectly healthy thanks to the special gifts of Dr. Kimberly.”
~ I.P. Delaware, Ohio


“I was going through a rough time in my marriage and had many questions. Using her remote viewing skills and intuitive abilities, Dr. Kimberly was able to confirm certain details that helped me with the decision to end my marriage. She was also there to support me energetically and emotionally through the divorce.”
P.B. Washington D.C.


“Dr. Kimberly is able to tune in accurately to the energy of a home or individual and discern the frequency and type of that energy field. She is also able to clear and re harmonize these energies.”
~ S.P. Florida


“Dr. Kimberly is an amazing wealth coach. I was able to successfully create a 6 figure business after working with Dr. Kimberly to remove blocks and consciously create my new life.”
~ L.N. Chicago, IL


“A breakthrough in universal awareness beyond words….”
~Iris M


Engaging, humorous and honest, she will entertain and amaze your guests while challenging them to live the lives they have always dreamed about.